Air handling unit


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Current mainstream export products of the enterprise that is exported to Europe, America and Japan are moisture proof, water proof and grease proof carton and high configuration, high standard dangerous goods packaging carton. The mainstream products in China are the high-end boutique packaging support of well-known brand customers in industries such as electronics, tourists, Food, beverage, chemical, etc. The moisture proof, water proof and grease proof carton, high compressive carton and high-precision with more than six colours environmentally water-borne printing paper-box, which are designed currently by the enterprise, achieve consistent critical acclaim by both domestic and international markets. There are many kinds of products with exquisite production which possess the unique style in the market. In the first corrugated case quality competition—“Star of the East” of Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Anhui, Shanghai in 2006 in Yangtze River Delta, two of enterprise’s products won the silver award.

High-strength packaging carton for dangerous goods: Depend on the professional designing and technical configuration, enterprise ensures the high standard packaging export of every kind of dangerous good and providing of exput inspection sheet for dangerous packaging customer at the top speed.

Longlide product is the “Famous brand and high-quality product in China”, which is approved by quality assurance center of light industry department. It is called:” leading packaging market, star enterprises benefit to market, famous brand high-quality product obtains the market”. Longlide package printing enterprise devotes itself to packaging, develops packaging, aims at printing, achieves at printing. Its excellent product is famous in the world!


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